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  [08/18/2012] Prof. Yongchuan Chen was oppointed professor of Tianjin University and director of center for applied mathematics of Tianjin Uniersity on Aug. 18.  
  [08/18/2012] Prof. Frank Hsu, (Fordham University, U. S. A.) visited CFC and gave the lecture entitled "combinatorial fusion in computing, informatics and analytics" from Aug.15 to 17.  
  [08/18/2012] Prof. Richard P. Stanley, (the academician of the National Academy of Sciences, U. S. A.) visited CFC and gave the lecture entitled "sequences of binomial type" from Aug.10 to 16.  
  [06/17/2012] Prof. Yongchuan Chen attended the sixteenth academician assembly of Chinese Academy of Sciences and gave the lecture entitled "crossing and nesting of set partition" from Jun. 15 to 16.  
  [05/15/2012] Prof. Xueliang Li and Yongtang Shi attended 16th C5 Graph Theory Workshop and gave the lecture entitled "rainbow connections of graphs—a survey" and "on rainbow vertex-connection" respectively from May. 3 to 12.  
  [04/30/2012] Prof. Yongchuan Chen attended French-Chinese school on differential and functional equations and gave the lecture entitled "the convergence argument for rational solutions of difference equations" from Apr. 16 to 27.  
  [02/25/2010] Prof. Arthur Yang was selected the program for New Century Excellent of Ministry of Education in 2011.  
  [02/24/2012] The team led by Prof. Weidong Gao won the second prize of Tianjin's 2011 Natural Science Award on Feb. 24.  
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