Center for Combinatorics is opened to visitors at home and abroad. In the spirit of the Nankai motto, Be public-spirited and intellectually-talented, and make constant improvement, the principle followed by the center is: base in China, face the world, establish and develop China's own combinatorics school.[About Us]

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  · Prof. Ronald C. King visited CFC from Sep. 12 to Oct. 5.[Details]   [10/08/2013]
  · Prof. Xueliang Li visited The University of Saskatchewan from Aug.25 to Sep. 15.   [09/20/2013]
  · Prof. Richard P. Stanley visited CFC from Jul. 23 to Aug. 5.[Details]   [08/10/2013]
  · Prof. Ivan Gutman visited CFC from Jul. 25 to 28.[Details]   [07/31/2013]
  · Prof. Bill chen and Xueliang Li attended 2013 International Workshop on Graph and Combinatorics from Jun. 22 to 23.   [06/28/2013]
Ronald C. King
Richard Stanley
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